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About Us

Rollup Ice Cream & Tea

You deserve a treat!

We are so excited to have you experience our Rollup Ice Cream, Tea, Sandwiches, Salads & Wraps. Our signature recipes and flavors are delicious and fresh! We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our new options. So we have created non dairy and vegetarian options for you. Some recipes can be Vegan friendly and customized to your taste.

We love great food and want everyone to enjoy this new experience. Not only do we provide tasty treats but you can enjoy watching your custom rollup created right in front of you with fresh ingredients.

Our company wants to give back to our community and to work with local farms to help their business grow. When available we will have farm fresh ingredients sourced locally.

So share your experience with others and come enjoy something delicious today.

Welcome to Rollup Ice Cream & Tea, because you deserve a treat!

Thank you from the:
Rollup Ice Cream & Tea Team

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